Studio Shell Series

Studio Shell Series

The Standard Shell Series is versatile, functional, and engineered to really fit virtually any need. The Shell Series kits are sold in a variety of standard sizes but are also offered in customized sizes so you can get exactly the space you want. The Studio Shell is fitted with wall panels that are 89” tall rather than 80” tall and like all of our models, it includes transom windows to allow the space to be flooded with natural light. To make set-up even easier, these kits are sold as stand-alone shells without any windows or doors. Since the wall panels in the Studio shell Kit are standard height you can fit just about any standard window or door found at your local hardware store. Additionally, the interior is prefabricated to accept insulation and electrical wiring. Whether you want this to be your tiny house, a man-cave or a she-shed, or just a plain old garden shed, the Studio Shell is an excellent addition to any property.


  • Shell Kit sold with space for (1) Standard Operable or Static Window.
  • Shell Kit sold with space for (1) Standard Single, or Double door.
  • Transom windows integrated into wall structures.
  • Interior prefabricated to accept insulation and electrical wiring.
  • Primed and custom paint colors available.
  • Custom configurations and sizes available.
  • Custom exterior and interior design available.
  • Dims
  • Starting at $70 / sq foot

Additional Items/ Services:

  • 18k BTU DIY Ductless Smart mini Split Heating and Cooling
  • 12k BTU DIY Ductless Smart Mini Split Heating and Cooling
  • Local Modshed delivery (60 Mile Radius)
  • Basic Modshed Assembly (60 Mie Radius)
  • White Melamine Panels For Interior Buildout