Original Series

Original Mod-Shed Series

The Original Mod-Shed Series is one of the most versatile sheds that we offer. This model is sold in a variety of sizes to best fit your needs, and there are also endless customization options. This model is a breeze to set up and provides everything you need in a modern style. Prefabricated to allow for full electric and insulation, the Original Mod-Shed is perfect for anyone who is looking for added living space for nearly any purpose. The integrated transom windows, barn doors, and custom exteriors and paint colors make this space charming and functional. If you want a nice quiet personal space on your property for time to be you, the Original Mod-Shed is affordable in price yet high-end in design, making it the perfect choice. Order your Original Mod-Shed today!

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Original Mod-Shed Series Features

  • Single Door OR Double Door Option
  • Transom windows integrated into wall structures.
  • Options for Operable or Static Windows
  • Interior prefabricated to accept insulation and electrical wiring.
  • Primed and custom paint colors available.
  • Custom exterior and interior design available..
  • Starting at $75 / sq foot


Additional Items/ Services:

  • 18k BTU DIY Ductless Smart mini Split Heating and Cooling
  • 12k BTU DIY Ductless Smart Mini Split Heating and Cooling
  • Local Modshed delivery (60 Mile Radius)
  • Basic Modshed Assembly (60 Mie Radius)
  • White Melamine Panels For Interior Buildout


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